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Archive document storage is not expensive!


Our Systems comply with the
Data Protection Act 1998

Secure Archive Storage

FAST Recall & Retrieval

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Private & Confidential:
Archiving & Document Management

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Records Management

box_sml12 month price guarantee

100 Boxes collected FREE 

FAST Recall & Retrieval

Paper-Safe & Digital Aware

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Always Secure!

padlock_LAuthorised Users Only Access

• 24/7 Security
• Alarms & Patrols

Paper-Safe & Digital Aware

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Shredding & Destruction


Security Shredding with a Certificate of Destruction

Working to British Standards

Paper-Safe & Digital Aware

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Our Business Storage Services

A range of secure off-site storage services for business: Records Management | Archive Document Storage | Document Management | Scanning Services | Document Shredding & Destruction | & much more…

Archive Document Storage

Records & Document Management Archive Services for Central London

The Secure off-site Archive Document Storage Solution Fast Forward Group was established 1979.

Based 5 miles from the City & Central London, we provide a range of Private and Confidential Secure Archive Services.

Records Management Archive Services

We have never lost a Box or a File in over 30 years!

Price Guaranteed for 12 months.

Fast Retrieval & Recall.

100 boxes collected FREE!

Document Management Scanning Services

Digital Imaging
– available when you need it

Reasons For Off-Site Storage

Data Protection Act 1998; sets a legal requirement for companies regarding Duty of Care & security measures for the retention, storage & disposal of confidential data.

A Business takes years to build, its records & data are irreplaceable.

Document Shredding & Document Destruction

Certificate of Destruction proves you’ve complied with your “Duty of Care” Secure premises & vetted staff Our services are legally compliant Working to British Standards to ensure your confidentiality is fully respected

Secure on-site Security & Systems

“Authorised Users Only Access”

24/7 on-site Alarms & CCTV all areas.

Secure archiving IT & PC Systems

Fully Checked Staff

Customer Focused Archiving Services

Clarify & Confirm your request

We respond promptly to your enquiry then clarify & confirm your instructions in writing. Estimates & Quotes are provided for approval & acceptance.


Delivery of a Quality service

On-Time delivery of the service ordered, at the agreed price. Staff with a Code of Conduct & Approved Archiving Software. User Friendly service in London since 1979.

Agreed Prices Terms & Schedules

We provide contracts to confirm our services & prices are guaranteed for 12 months. No hidden charges, legally compliant with approved conditions.

No Hidden Charges

Tested & approved Terms & Conditions

Secure Document Management Storage

Approved Archiving Software
Trusted since 1979

Paper-Safe & Digital Aware
All boxes are stored in London

Private & Confidential:

The Data Protection Act 1998.
Our Systems & Operations are legally compliant.

Paper-Safe & Digital Aware
Recommended & Approved.
Trusted services since 1979

Working to British Standards

Secure Storage Services

“Authorised Users Only Access”

24/7 Security Systems

Alarms & CCTV in all areas, linked to Security Control. Pin code barrier entry

Secure Vehicles & IT / PC Systems

Fully Checked Staff & regularly timed Security Guard patrols 24/7

Estimates and Quotations

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Confidential Archiving:
Records & Document Management | Digital Imaging | Office Records Storage | File & Folder Cataloguing |Status Reports | Storage Units | Shredding | Disposal & Destruction | FAST Recall & Retrieval | New Archive Boxes.

Duty of Care

The Data Protection Act 1998 sets a legal requirement for companies to provide sufficient guarantees of security measures for the disposal of confidential data such as personal information. Companies have an obligation to protect the security of their employees and clients. If such data is mislaid during the disposal process both the company wishing to dispose of it and the company employed to do so are jointly liable.

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